Main Business Area

We provide 5D implementation, Reverse Engineering, PLANT Design and Simulation, Solution Development service.


Smart Factory

In the smart factory strategy that governs the next generation paradigm, Iaan Digitalization Solutions is presented as an important future tool.


Digital Twins

Provides smart factories and workers with an optimized system that fuses the real world with the virtual world that enables sustainable innovation.


5D Implementation

Iaan Co., Ltd has the best history and records in 5D design, Inspection, Reverse Engineering, etc. Iaan Co., Ltd has the solutions required for whole process of design, construction, and operation of 5D.


Auto bending Machine

Adopting Auto bending machine can produce different complicated angles quickly. High quality raw material of spare parts guarantees longer working life which will reduce the factory cost.


Only NOW

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Product of Iaan Co., Ltd.

Expert Company Iaan Co., Ltd with accumulated technology and experts/specialists.

5D Hook-Up Design Solution for Mega Factory


Construction Support System Solution


Revit Design Change Management System


3D Building Information Monitoring System


Intelligence Integrated Information System


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We provide 5D implementation, Reverse Engineering, PLANT Design and Simulation, Solution Development service.


Here's Why PoCAD is Awesome

periodic BIM transformation

Autocad must be the best software in the existing 2d CAD.

But! We don't sell perpetual licenses under the lease license policy from 2017, and it's also extremely expensive to buy.

Automate design change reflection

Affordable but feature and performance...
And... technical support......??

Support for 300+ concurrent

It's a perpetual license that's affordable, and has excellent dwg compatibility with Autocad and user experience.

In addition, we provide real-time technical support through e-mail, wire, and remote support to the customer's inconvenience.

Leverage maintenance for design data

It is an integrated solution that helps designers work and improves efficiency by quickly processing parts from BOM to automatic calculation of material details.

Main Business Area

5D Implementation, Plant Design,
Simulation, Reverse Engineering,
Solution Development
Main Business Area



History and Records

The history and project records of
Iaan Co., Ltd.



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Major Project Records

Iaan Co., Ltd. is the first level contractor of Semiconductor part of Samsung Electronic for 5D implementation.


Headquarters : 4th Floor, Yangjae Building, 3, Mabang-ro 4-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06777, Rep. of KOREA

Seoul Branch & Corporate R&D Center : #1305, Daerung Post Tower 3, 27, Digital-ro 34-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul

China Branch : 陕西省 西安市 高新区 锦业路南侧 中铁·西安中心 1幢1单元8层10807

Vietnam Branch : 17 Floor, Office Block of the Charmvit Tower, Grand Plaza, 117 Tran Duy Hung Street,
Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Vietnam



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